ReGenFriends™ in collaboration with Whole Health Marketing™ conducted a national study of over 1,500 shoppers aged 18 and older to discover what they know about “regenerative” principles and a wider range of topics relating to how regeneration can positively affect their lives through their buying choices. The results are stunning.

We assessed the customer appeal of regenerative as a communication platform for companies and brands to approach their customer. Most importantly, we let customers describe, in their own words, what they want from brands and organizations to create a regenerative future.  


When we presented the principles of regenerative business, focusing on “doing good” and “true accountability” the consumers were overwhelmingly in favor of regenerative business as a complement to sustainability.


When we took it even further to describe the benefits of regenerative agriculture, they embraced it with VIGOR. The 2019 ReGenForTheNextGen™ consumer survey was fielded in February 2019 among shoppers of food, clothing, personal care, household goods, & technology. A general population group and organic shoppers were selected via an online survey in the USA.  Purchase full report here or contact us to receive a complimentary preview.



Whether you're a B2B or B2C, the customer owns your company, so it’s best to understand and delight them every day in every way.

We work with companies and organizations that make their customers feel good while they do good. Our ideal client is wildly passionate about their purpose and recognizes the value in co-creating solutions with their customers. We understand it can be easy to lose your focus while you’re building a fast growing organization or multinational company, so we've developed a foolproof method to ensure you're on the right track. 


Our unique customer research process taps into the deep emotional framework of WHY your customer cares and exactly WHAT they want from your brand or service. The discoveries are often refreshingly shocking and always useful, resulting in a clear path forward that saves time and generates revenue. Get in touch to discuss a custom plan for your unique customer owners.

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