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This Company Is Disrupting The Billion-Dollar Dairy Industry With Regenerative Farming

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

What is regenerative farming?

Milkadamia is U.S. based but born in Australia, where macadamias are native to. When the company first began, it sourced all of its macadamias from a family-owned farm called Jindilli Farm. Although the company has outgrown its ability to only use the macadamias they grow, they’re still committed to practicing a sustainable farming technique called regenerative farming at Jindilli.

Regenerative farming describes a diverse array of agriculture practices used that are aimed at restoring soil biodiversity and enriching soil compositions. By drawing down carbon from the atmosphere and sequestering it into soil, the farming method reverses the effects of climate change. As Milkadamia put on its website, regenerative farming “allows our planet to breathe easier.”

“Culture is not static; what is or is not acceptable evolves with awareness. Regeneratively farmed food can alter the trajectory of our planet’s future,” CEO Jim Richards said.

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