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Ba&sh commits to regenerative agriculture projects

"French fashion brand Ba&sh is teaming up with the Nativa Regenerative Agriculture Program to develop and finance regenerative agriculture projects.

As part of the partnership, Ba&sh is injecting funds into farms in Uruguay that are transitioning to regenerative practices, and simultaneously integrating regenerative wool into its collections.

The move is part of Ba&sh's broader vision to become a leading force in transforming the knitted garment sector and aligning with the global movement to protect biodiversity and reduce carbon footprints within the fashion industry.

'By partnering with the Nativa Regenerative Agriculture Program, we hope to foster a more demanding and innovative relationship between the fashion industry and its agricultural partners,' said Pierre-Arnaud Grenade, CEO of Ba&sh.

'We are aware of the need to make further progress in certain areas to make fashion more environmentally friendly and respectful of life on our planet. Our approach to today’s burning issues involves taking a holistic view, and regenerative agriculture meets all these criteria.'

Ba&sh's funding has already assisted three farms, covering approximately 8,000 hectares of land undergoing regeneration. The brand has set an ambitious goal of having 30% regenerative or transitioning wool in its collections by the end of 2025.

Ba&sh also acknowledges the need for a new creative process that aligns with the farming calendar and emphasizes working in harmony with the sheep-shearing cycle. The brand plans to use wool obtained from regenerative agriculture in its 2024 winter collections.

In terms of material sourcing, Ba&sh has already demonstrated significant progress. In winter 2022, 32% of the wool used was certified, and this figure has increased to 98% in winter 2023. Moreover, 80% of Ba&sh's standard knitted garments in winter 2023 are made from at least 70% certified fibers, surpassing the minimum threshold of 40% recycled fibers.

The brand is on track to use 100% certified materials by 2025, with its wool composition including 30% RWS wool, 30% recycled wool, 30% regenerative or transitioning wool, and 10% French wool."

The brand also has a second hand website: that we think is very cool!

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