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The Need to GROW

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

The Need To GROW from Earth Conscious Films is the story of resilience, hope, and innovation that the world needs right now. 

Regenerative agriculture is the key to sequester carbon and combat the climate crisis, save water, reduce toxic chemical exposure, rebuild ecosystems, restore the amount of soil left, and provide nutrient-dense food once again. 

It’s wonderfully narrated by actress/activist Rosario Dawson and brings together solutions for seed saving, composting, urban agriculture, activism, and even a high tech invention that could forever change ecosystem restoration on this planet.

Winner - Best Documentary - Sonoma International Film Festival Winner - Best Environmental Film - Sedona International Film Festival Official Selection - American Documentary Film Festival Official Selection - Bentonville Film Festival Official Selection - Newport Beach Film Festival

Directed by: Rob Herring & Ryan Wirick Executive Produced by: Rosario Dawson & Tanner Stewart Produced by: Rob Herring & Ryan Wirick

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