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"Healthy Soil-Healthy Communities" 2019 Marin Sustainable Enterprise Conference

Healthy Soil-Healthy Communities: Soil is the foundation of nutrition and a healthy food system. Did you know that Marin County is home to innovative food systems models that nourish communities and protect the environment?

Join us for this dynamic workshop that takes an ecological approach to a healthy food system that begins with healthy soil. Learn about the importance of connecting eaters with foods that are grown organically, sustainably, and regeneratively. Hear from producers and food systems leaders working to create change in schools, farmers markets, and businesses. Leave with a deeper understanding of the Marin foodshed and ways you can support healthy soils, healthy foods, and healthy communities.

Location: STRATFORD STAGE Facilitator: Chase Pennington, Senior Market Manager, Agricultural Institute of Marin


Albert Straus, Founder and CEO, Straus Family Creamery

Judi Shils, Executive Director, Turning Green & Founder, Conscious Kitchen

Andy Naja-Riese, CEO, Agricultural Institute of Marin 

Marv Zauderer, Founder and CEO,

Emily Olson, Founder, ReGenFriends

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