ReGenFriends™ Invite You to Meet the Emerging Regenerative Consumer

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

New research reveals regenerative to be a race to prosperity for those companies and organizations that embrace regenerative systems and values into the fabric of their operations.

Findings determine that a regenerative economy based on the principles of regeneration (restore, renew, and grow) offers the greatest opportunity of this century. More importantly, regenerative is inclusive of sustainability, organic, conventional, GMO, Non-GMO, syntropic farming, agroforestry, silvopasture, the circular economy, doughnut economics, closed-loop…

The key to success for companies, brands, and organizations into the future will be full transparency about themselves, their suppliers, and their products and services. To summarize, what the consumers said about Regenerative was, “Love it. Prove it.”

Moreover, it’s not only food and beverage companies that will benefit from this shift. Technology, personal care, clothing, housewares, beauty, footwear, electronics, and sportswear companies are all welcome, and in fact, their economic lives depend on it. The consumers we surveyed demonstrated an eagerness and willingness to admire, embrace, and support companies, brands, and organizations committed to a regenerative future. Our findings provide a cascade of data points, as well as emotional connections, that set the stage for a bristling, energized and scalable business environment focused on regeneration, co-created by consumers and brands.

The information below represents a preview of research conducted; visit ReGenFriends™ for the full report.

The race has begun… The primary objective of the ReGenFriends™ Emerging Regenerative Customer research is to assess the customer appeal of “regenerative” as a communication platform that leads to a positive impact on reputation, revenue, profits, and risk reduction. The secondary objective is to determine if customers associate “regenerative” as a superior principle over “sustainability” to shape and guide their purchases more purposefully. Shopping is more than price; it’s about transparency & impact

“I’d like to know the carbon impact of everything that I buy so that I can choose between brands that at least try not to kill us all, and brands that just don’t care at all. It would be easier when making decisions, and I think it would guilt me into making better decisions more often.” — Female, 25–34, New Jersey

Consumers surveyed frequently shop at eight different types of stores as well as online for food, which excludes their out-of-home choices like foodservice. They shop at multiple types of retail outlets like clothing, department, pet, beauty, footwear, electronics, and sportswear retailers on a regular basis. In the open-ended responses, they reported that price drives many final purchase decisions, but we discovered that transparency and sourcing are predominant purchase attributes that can overcome price friction within any retail store channel. Price is only one part of the equation.