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Regenerative Agriculture: 25 Things to Know Now

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Not to be overly dramatic, but this article contains information that is critical to the future of humanity. Read on for need-to-know information that can benefit people, the planet...and your bottom line, too

Regenerative Business: “A Race to Prosperity“

The conversation doesn’t stop at agriculture. “The simplest way to explain regenerative business is that it has a net positive effect, which is extremely important if we want future generations to have a healthy planet,” says Emily M. Olson, co-founder of ReGenFriends.

“The current landscape of business largely focuses on extraction, separation and conquest; it isn’t working. Commerce creates culture; businesses have contributed to a culture of environmental and social crisis. Regenerative business leaves more than it takes, therefore it’s more effective than ‘circular,’ ‘green’ or even ‘sustainable’ business paradigms. If any of those movements had worked, we wouldn’t be where we are today? Do we want to circulate or sustain climate change? No. We have to constantly regenerate in order to sustain a healthy planet.”

Clearly, consumers want to see the change.

“Consumer interest in regeneration is outstanding,’ says Olson. “In our (combined) 50 years of consumer marketing research, we’ve never seen results like this before. 8 of 10 respondents, across every shopping category and demographic group, demand regenerative solutions today. While customers don’t expect brands to be perfect, 95% expressed the desire to buy regenerative products and services from producers that are fully transparent about their impact.”

The bottom line from Emily M. Olson:

“We believe a regenerative economy based on businesses utilizing the principles of regeneration offers the greatest economic opportunity of this century. We have termed it ‘A Race to Prosperity’ for those companies and organizations that embrace regenerative systems and values into the fabric of their operations.”

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