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ReGenFriends™ is a customer-centric, diverse and inclusive global platform for businesses, organizations, and customers to come together and promote regenerative business practices.

ReGenFriends™ span Fortune 50 to start-up companies working in consumer goods, finance, regulatory, tech, food, agriculture, fashion, logistics, renewables, and more. We're honored to call some of the world's most impactful brands and organizations ReGenFriends™.

Join us in leading the regenerative business revolution so we may all share in a prosperous future. Become a ReGenFriend™ today.

We Are



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A Race To


We believe a regenerative economy based on businesses utilizing the principles of regeneration (restore, renew, and grow) offers the greatest economic opportunity of this century.
We have termed it “A Race to Prosperity” for those companies and organizations that embrace regenerative systems and values into the fabric of their operations.
More importantly, regenerative is inclusive of sustainability, organic, conventional, non-GMO, circular economy, closed-loop... All are welcome!

Global Challenge

Join ReGenFriends Global Challenge and let businesses know you want a regenerative future! 

Thanks for doing your part to create a thriving, regenerative future!


The ReGenFriends Global Challenge was set in motion by extreme consumer demand revealed in The Emerging Regenerative Consumer national research report. 
ReGenFriends™ host a series of events and Global Business Challenges. ALL ARE WELCOME to participate regardless of size, scale or impact. If you would like to present your regenerative solution at a ReGenFriends Global Challenge event, submit to enter the challenge here (it's free and only takes about 5 minutes). Goals: 


Create a global community of ReGenFriends™ defined as individuals, customers, companies, governments and NGOs


Promote the collective work of regenerative businesses and organizations around the world to meet consumer demand


Fundamentally shift global production and consumption to reverse climate change and create a thriving future for all

Want to get involved in the ReGenFriends community? Check out our events page

ReGenFriends 2019
ReGenFriends 2019
ReGenFriends 2019
ReGenFriends 2019

Photo from left: Tammy Williams (She's IT), Meg Adelman (Navitas Organics), Chris Hortinela (Vitamin Angels), Susanne Stormer (Novo Nordisk), Doniga Markegard (Markegard Family Farm), Vincent Stanley (Patagonia) 

ReGenFriends 2019 Summit

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ReGenFriends™Lead the Path to the Economic Benefits of Customer-Centric Regenerative Business Practices for
People, Planet and Prosperity.
Become a ReGenFriend
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