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Just Two Weeks Left to Register!

Feb 27, 2020, 8:30 AM – 6:30 PM

Presidio Golden Gate Club, 135 Fisher Loop, San Francisco, CA

The #BillionPersonMovement Global Challenge™ is a global initiative created by ReGenFriends™ for organizations and companies to share their net-positive regenerative programs and ideas to reach a billion people by Earth Day 2023.

In biology, regeneration is the process of renewal, restoration, and growth that makes genomes, cells, organisms, and ecosystems resilient to natural fluctuations or events that cause disturbance or damage. Every species is capable of regeneration, from bacteria to humans.

The focus of the #BillionPersonMovement Global Challenge™ is 100% on end-users with a focus on consumers who control over 60% of national GDP of the top 10 economies of the world. B2B and B2C are included. The updated 2020 Emerging Regenerative Customer national research data will be revealed and used to anchor discussions.

The #BillionPersonMovement has 4 simple consumer-driven goals:

1. Generate ONE BILLION #BillionPersonMovement consumer mentions by Earth Day 2023

2. Create a global community of #ReGenFriends™ defined as individuals, customers, companies, governments and NGOs

3. Promote the collective work of NET-POSITIVE regenerative businesses and organizations around the world to meet consumer demand

4. Fundamentally shift global production and consumption to reverse climate change


The #BillionPersonMovement Global Challenge features a vibrant lineup of speakers including Fortune 50 thought-leaders and passionate start-up trailblazers in the closed loop, circular economy and regenerative business communities. Presenters include:

• David Katz, Co-Founder & CEO, Plastic Bank

• Jonathan Foley, Executive Director, Project Drawdown

• Carrie Richards, Co-Owner, Richards Grassfed Regenerative Beef

• Cannon Michael, President, Bowles Farming Company

• Megan Meiklejon, Sustainable Materials & Transparency Manager, EILEEN FISHER, INC.

• Jonathan Gelbard, Director of Integrative Conservation, Conservation Value Solutions

• Jessica Hayes, Global Sourcing Manager, REBBL

• Annie Gullingsrud, Chief Strategy Officer, EON Group

• Damiano Dall'Anese, Executive Vice President, Candiani Denim USA

• Brent Crossland, Global Cotton Sustainability Advisor, Wrangler, Bayer, Textile Exchange

• Erin L. Heitkamp, Senior Vice President – Agriculture and Public Affairs, Pipeline Foods

• Nick de Vries, VP Technology & Asset Management, Silicon Ranch Corporation

• Rich Bradbury, Co-Owner, Double Oarlock Ranch

• Michael Warren, CEO, Earth Alive Clean Technologies

• Jim Cupples, CEO, Terrapin Data (AgCheck & AllTheFarms)

• Nova Sayers, Global Food and Sustainability, NSF International

• Elizabeth Whitlow, Executive Director, Regenerative Organic Alliance

• Kevin Dean Pettit, COO, Proof of Impact

• Chris Kerston, Chief Commercial Officer, Land to Market

• Brian Neufeld, President​, Neufeld Agriculture

• Beth Rattner, Executive Director, Biomimicry Institute

• Jessica Chiartas, Soils and Biogeochemistry, University of California, Davis

• Ken Lee Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Lotus Foods

• Ryan Lynch, Practice Director, Sustainability, BSI


The ReGenFriends #BillionPersonMovement Global Challenge™ program includes three keynotes, six panel sessions, entrepreneur pitches, and multiple networking opportunities where attendees can meet the presenters and attendees for in-depth discussions following their presentations. For a complete schedule please visit:

Keynotes include:

• The 2020 Emerging Regenerative Customer (Opening Remarks)

• The Worldwide Web Will Regenerate the Worldwide Food Web (Morning Keynote)

• Tales of a Reformed Sustainabilist (Afternoon Keynote)

• Diversity is Imperative for Regeneration (Closing Keynote)

Panels include:

• Soil Health is Planetary Wealth (SOIL)

• Farmers are Carbon Heroes (AGRICULTURE)

• Transparency is the New IP™ (FOOD)

• Fabrics Weaving a Regenerative Future (TEXTILES & APPAREL)

• Is Regenerative the Next Standard on the Consumer’s Playlist? (CERTIFICATIONS, STANDARDS & TRACEABILITY)

Presenting Companies

Showcasing their economic benefits from their commitment to regenerative business practices, presenting companies include: Project Drawdown, Plastic Bank, BSI, Richards Grassfed Regenerative Beef, REBBL, Bowles Farming Company, Double Oarlock Ranch, EILEEN FISHER, AgCheck, EON Group, Candiani Denim USA, RE Botanicals, Kintra Fibers, Jaspur, Conservation Value Solutions, Earth Alive Clean Technologies, Silicon Ranch, among others.

Transparent Pricing

ReGenFriends is a self-funded, woman-owned business working hard to promote regenerative businesses and thusly is attempting to make this an affordable event for all. Fixed costs (venue and food only) for this event are roughly $175/person.

Ticket prices are $75-$1,000 and include light breakfast, buffet lunch and hosted happy-hour reception with menus developed by celebrated James Beard award-winning chef Traci Des Jardins. Ingredients are farm to fork and sourced from local farmers with sustainable practices. The #BillionPersonMovement Global Challenge is a zero-waste event. Tickets can be found here:


The Golden Gate Club at The Presidio was carefully chosen not only because of its natural beauty and grandeur but also because it is a working example of regeneration. All venue proceeds go directly back into supporting The Presidio of San Francisco including trail restoration, renovations and education programs to grow children's appreciation for nature.

Built in 1949, the iconic Golden Gate Club was once the enlisted men’s service club and the site of several historic treaty signings. The graceful Spanish Colonial building features views of San Francisco Bay, the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and the Presidio forest. All proceeds go back to the Presidio Trust to restore, renew and grow landscapes, buildings, educational programs and community outreach.

About ReGenFriends

Launched in October 2018, ReGenFriends™ was founded by Emily M. Olson in partnership with Whole Health Marketing. The ReGenFriends™ #BillionPersonMovement Global Challenge™ is a respectful event that rewards dialogue among people with competing views from companies of different scale, size, and impact. Our global community brings their unique perspectives to solving business risks and willingly share their solutions across the broad landscape of business through restoration, renewal, and growth strategies. In 2019 we were fortunate to have website visitors from 78 countries and over 450,000 media impressions. Visit

Social Media

Twitter: @ReGenFriends;


Emily M. Olson, MBA

Founder & CEO, ReGenFriends™

Nils-Michael Langenborg

Co-Founder, ReGenFriends™

President & CEO, Whole Health Marketing


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