8 of 10 Customers Want Regenerative. Can a Billion People Be Wrong?

The 2020 Emerging Regenerative Customer Survey results will be revealed at the upcoming ReGenFriends#BillionPersonMovement Global Challenge event February 27, 2020 in San Francisco.

Our groundbreaking 2019 consumer research study revealed regenerative to be “A Race to Prosperity” for those companies and organizations that embrace regenerative systems and values into the fabric of their operations. 8 of 10 respondents, across every shopping category and demographic group, demand regenerative solutions today. Will 2020 results differ? Has the interest only grown stronger? Will brands be prepared to meet this surge in demand? How best to tell your own regenerative story?

“Now that I understand what regenerative businesses offer and have seen the example of regenerative agriculture, it shows me that they do more than just promote the "good" of their business, but they also try to have a lasting effect on the planet as a whole, not just to even out the effects of their business” —February 24th 2019 (verbatim customer response)

Transparent Pricing

We are a woman owned, self-funded small business that's passionate about creating a regenerative future for all. Fixed costs (venue and food only) for this event are roughly $175/person. 

Ticket price includes: light breakfast, buffet lunch and hosted happy-hour reception with menus developed by celebrated James Beard award-winning chef Traci Des Jardins. Ingredients are farm to fork and sourced from local farmers with sustainable practices. The #BillionPersonMovement Global Challenge is a zero-waste event.  

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